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Home plyometrics - pogos

Plyometrics - Boundes, fast feet

Calf routine

Start with the calve walks, and then you can add calve raises & calve toe plants with a weight above your head (superset) I do 10 reps on calve raises, and then 10-20 taps with weight overhead each foot etc. Please be careful, and best to do this after a harder session rather than the day before or the calves can cramp a little

Quarter squat with power - superset with box jumps

I will only say this once, but only move to this kind of gym if you've done basic gym for 2 months or so, otherwise stick to body weight, and a very low box jump to first learn technique. (NONE of this gym work compliments your running if you get hurt)

Box step ups - Glute work

Another great exercise and not super advanced, but use a broom to start with, and aim for 4-6 reps only (2-3 sets)

Single leg RDL, arm row, lunge & drive

This is a complex movement incorporating different muscle groups, and best to start with a dumb bell, kettlebell, or even just bodyweight - Personally I only do 3-4 reps, and maybe 2-3 sets, but I like to think it improves balance & power as you drive up, but get settled in each new part of the movement before moving to the next stage.

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