Strength guides - (Warm up, gym routine etc..)

Gym resources

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GYM warm up

Home gym, lunge circuit, kettlebell, squats, upper body work, TRX, and adductors

Home gym - glute bridges, hamstring walkouts, & adductor holds

Home gym - double leg RDLS & split lunges

Home plyometrics - pogos no voice over, double leg, and single leg (10-15 reps each)

Think speed of the ground, and height

Post run strength - (voice over will be added when my voice comes back)

This can be done at the track, and the idea was to have something fast you could do post session to combine training & strength

Post run mobility - (voice over will be added when my voice comes back "sorry")

This can be done at the track, stretching or yoga mat etc..

Home activation

Home mobility

Post run - Fast feet, running bounds, single leg bounds and hills sprints

Start with - 15-20 meters of fast feet 2-3 sets, and same for running bounds

Hill sprints great for pre session, or post session neuromuscular power 10-15 secs at 90-95% max speed.

Doing these on a hill takes away some of the pounding, and so please only do this kind of work uphill

Calve routine

Start with the calve walks, and then you can add calve raises & calve toe plants with a weight above your head (superset) I do 10 reps on calve raises, and then 10-20 taps with weight overhead each foot etc. Please be careful, and best to do this after a harder session rather than the day before or the calves can cramp a little

Quarter squat with power - superset with box jumps

I will only say this once, but only move to this kind of gym if you've done basic gym for 2 months or so, otherwise stick to body weight, and a very low box jump to first learn technique. (NONE of this gym work compliments your running if you get hurt)

Box step ups - Glute work

Another great exercise and not super advanced, but use a broom to start with, and aim for 4-6 reps only (2-3 sets)

Single leg RDL, arm row, lunge & drive

This is a complex movement incorporating different muscle groups, and best to start with a dumb bell, kettlebell, or even just bodyweight - Personally I only do 3-4 reps, and maybe 2-3 sets, but I like to think it improves balance & power as you drive up, but get settled in each new part of the movement before moving to the next stage.

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